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Internet of Education

A global network and vision to connect all humans on earth to education and economic opportunity.

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A Future Vision

Internet of Education Preamble

A Collaborative Idea

The Internet of Education (IoE) is not an organization, but a future vision where every human on earth has access to quality education and economic opportunities. It is an idea with room for many voices, researchers, agencies, organizations, and companies. It will require innovation, experimentation, and getting things wrong while always iterating toward what’s right.

A Decentralized Community

The Internet of Education encourages debate and critical discourse from a variety of perspectives because global education is just as diverse as its people. The Internet of Education is not fully owned or controlled by any one person, central guardian, group, or faction of groups. Anyone can be an IoE catalyst by committing to and following the guiding principles.

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We hold these truths to be self-evident.

The IoE Guiding Principles

These principles are not final, but rather the culmination of critical and ongoing conversations across a global community of practice. Use the comment icons below to debate and discuss these principles.

Guiding Principles
Guiding Principles


There is only one open Internet

There can be only one open IoE. We will work together to protect the web from abuse and ensure it and the IoE equitably benefits humanity.


Open Standards

We will promote, publish and/or adopt, without restriction, technical and academic standards that align to the practices and principles as outlined by OpenStand.


Self-Sovereignty & Access Control

We will ensure that all learner records are owned and controlled by the individual (or their guardian) and that all systems related to digital identity are transparent and aim to preserve privacy.


Data Dignity

We will develop, adopt, and promote technologies and practices that elevate the best in humanity and challenge the worst so the IoE always evolves towards becoming a public good that puts people and their data first.


Weak Center

Like the early vision of the Internet, we commit to ensure that no one organization asserts more control than is needed to enable shared advancement and interoperability between all IoE nodes as outlined in the Presidio Principles.



We will do more than be neutral. We will proactively advocate for and support historically disadvantaged groups, work to dissolve structural barriers, and consistently self-reflect in an effort to address implicit bias.


Open Participation

We will ensure that anyone, anywhere, individual or organization, can join and participate at no cost. The only requirement is to pledge commitment to these guiding principles.


Diversity & Inclusion

Include, value, and trust each other. We will ensure that all are welcome and that any barriers due to race, gender, language, culture, etc. are actively dissolved via civil discourse and the creative and humane use of technology.



We will empower any/all IoE catalysts to make prompt, clear, and well-communicated decisions in order to advance the shared goals, principles, and protocols outlined here and in any supporting IoE documentation.


Proportional Influence

We will ensure that the relative influence in any contested decisions will be proportional to the number of learners representing the nodes of the active IoE network.

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Publishing these principles will stand not as prescriptive but as the beginning of a dialogue and debate to help influence and shape version two.

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The IoE App offers a full range of community tools for your co-lab or network. Collaborate within group and community networks to localize your own Co-Lab and Internet of Education in a safe and trusted online environment.

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The IoE Hub

The IoE Hub comes packed with research for anyone involved in the future of education and work. Join pilot communities, engage with shared services, and share research. The IoE Hub community features allow you to form group chats, share content , crowdsource solutions for problems, and keep your pulse on all things IoE .

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If you share our mission, after reading the Guiding Principles, please join us and take the first step by filling out the commitment form. We will be in touch about group  announcements, next steps, and virtual gatherings. The IoE is all of ours, join the alliance.


Join the Debate

For the next 3 months, everyone is invited to join an open online debate about the IoE principles. In November, we will publish the Internet of Education (IoE) Version 1.0 Principles and open the signatory. The IoE is all of ours, help us govern and form consensus.


Tell Your Story

With a network of initiatives as complex as the internet, we need help telling the story.  Help us crowdsource real life IoE stories and ideas for how the IoE will make real people's lives better. We will publish the best in a use case compilation for cities, states, and nations.


Join the IoE Hub

The IoE Hub is an ed 3.0 Co-Lab in a box. We’re thrilled to finally invite you to the IoE Hub. Through collaboration & iteration, we hope to connect & unify this ever-broadening Internet of Education ecosystem to support each and every stakeholder.

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Open Process

Throughout the evolution of the Internet of Education, everyone is invited to share their perspective and join the open debate. In November, we will publish the Internet of Education (IoE) Version 1.0 Principles and reframe the open discussion around ecosystem governance.

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Road to Governance

Nov 2020

Checkpoint 2

  • IoE Principles Signatory V1.0
  • IoE Governance Proposal V0.1
  • Open  Governance Debate

Q1 2021

Checkpoint 3

  • IoE Governance V 1.0
  • Official IoE Committee
  • The IoE Network